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2000 Maribor
t: +386 (0)591 43576
e: hello@fudo.si

Odpiralni čas:
PON-ČET 09:00 – 23:00
PET-SOB 09:00 – 24:00

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This week marks the sixth anniversary of the Fudo restaurant. In the beginning, you show all your charms to become popular and recognizable. First come the guests, who are the most influential evaluator anyway. Everyone else comes once, eats and leaves. They describe their experience, which is supposed to be objective and helpful to the restaurant. With hard work, we managed to impress our audience and official critics. Ranking among the top 100 we find in restaurant week is a special privilege and obligation to present the best we know. We are succeeding for the sixth time. The menu and

I look forward to October, the month of Restaurant Week, which we have been hosting for the fifth year. Last year, the last day of TR was taken away by Corona. The virus does not like us at all. Nine long months, we were imprisoned and were the main source of infections ?! Understand those who can!